Extreme Couponing Stockpile Sales

Extreme couponers are well known for their stockpiles of food and household items. You’ve seen the photos of floor-to-ceiling storage shelves stocked with seemingly years of laundry detergent, cereal, BBQ sauce, pasta, toothpaste, paper towels – you name it.

Well, the truth is that not all extreme couponers stock up on these items to keep them for themselves. Some donate the excess and some sell it off as part of what are called stockpile sales. Here is an ad for one this weekend in New Jersey: http://gsalr.com/extreme-couponer-stockpile-sale-hopatcong-nj-13132752.html.

Stockpile sales are great for picking up name brand items you use, for a fraction of the retail cost. The packages are unopened, but do check the expiration dates.

There are questions regarding whether such sales are legal, only because some retailers try and restrict the resale of their products, but I can’t say I understand under what circumstances reselling products you’ve purchased would be illegal – isn’t that what garage sales are?

Have you ever shopped at or held a stockpile sale? How was it?


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  1. Carolyn
    May 5, 2012 | 12:18 pm

    OMG! I love that there’s a sale like this.

    We’ve teased my mom for years about having enough soap and toilet paper on hand to keep an army clean. If she only knew that she could’ve been making money by holding a sale like this.

    Thanks for sharing!

    • Marcia
      May 5, 2012 | 7:03 pm

      Thanks, Carolyn! I haven’t seen any stockpile sales advertised here in Western New York, but I’ve heard from folks online that they can make more than $1,000 in a day by selling off the extras obtained by extreme couponing. I’m sure there are great deals to be had!

  2. claire gillenson
    May 8, 2012 | 4:02 am

    Wow, I have friends who are extreme couponers, but I did not know that you can make extra $ by selling it. I’ll be sharing this with my friends:) Thanks for the info.

    • Marcia
      May 8, 2012 | 4:28 am

      Thanks, Claire. You can certainly make extra money. Personally, I want to GO to one of the sales! They probably wouldn’t take coupons though, would they?

  3. Sara
    May 15, 2012 | 4:14 am

    Wow. I have watched in passing these extreme couponers, and amazed by their focus and diligence.

    In my area of NYC, I have yet to find a super to double/triple coupon, but I would definitely love to try — especially with kittyfood and catlitter at Petco or Petland Discounts?

  4. Dylan Glanzer
    May 15, 2012 | 11:23 pm

    My husband is a huge couponer – yes, even extreme. I end up with a pantry full of things we will not end up using in this lifetime! I hate when things just go to waste! I am going to forward him this blog and info on Stockpile Sales! Or maybe I will just sell the stuff myself so I can then buy the things I actually want! :) I need to check out the site – thank you for sharing this!

    • Marcia
      May 16, 2012 | 12:50 am

      Some of the extreme couponers who have held stockpile sales report making thousands of dollars, so definitely think about it if your pantry is overflowing.

  5. Tamara
    May 16, 2012 | 12:25 am

    Thanks for sharing more insight into couponing. I had no idea about stock sales. I also love the idea of donating the goods to worthy causes.

    • Marcia
      May 16, 2012 | 12:54 am

      I just wrote an article for the PBS site http://www.nextavenue.org about couponing for charity. The site went live today so it may not be up yet, but there are a number of people who use their couponing skills to fill food pantries. Kind of a fun way to use coupons and help others.

  6. Kim
    May 16, 2012 | 3:06 pm

    I never heard of a stockpile sale, but think it’s a great idea. Legally I agree it is a “garage” sale, though in many places now they say you need to obtain a permit for a garage sale. I think towns started that for the people that seem to have garage sales every weekend.

    • Marcia
      May 17, 2012 | 3:04 pm

      That’s interesting, Kim. I’ve never heard of having to get a permit for a garage sale.

  7. Carla
    May 16, 2012 | 5:04 pm

    These are great tips, thanks for the insights, I never thought about selling the products only piling them, u gave a great reason to do a new garage sale!! : )

  8. Antoinette de Janasz
    May 17, 2012 | 3:00 pm

    I admit I can’t resist a bargain and have stockpiles of non-perishables that take me years to work through. I usually share perishables with my friends, never thought of re-selling them!

    • Marcia
      May 17, 2012 | 3:04 pm

      Some stockpile sellers have semi-annual sales and develop a regular mailing list!

  9. claire gillenson
    May 18, 2012 | 1:38 am

    I agree, I would want to be able to take these coupons to the sales LOL right? I am inspired to see that these folks have taken this to a larger platform.

  10. Caroline Ceniza-Levine
    May 21, 2012 | 6:53 pm

    I stockpile proudly! I have never been disciplined and savvy enough to be an extreme couponer but I have taken advantage of sales to stockpile non-perishables. I often end up sharing with my very large extended family or with a food drive for my daughters’ schools, but that’s part of the value of stockpiles. I always feel so prepared!

    • Marcia
      May 21, 2012 | 8:01 pm

      I share my extras, too, Caroline. Our school is having a can drive this week and you can be sure I have plenty extra I can pull out of my pantry to donate. The bonus is that I don’t have to drive to the store and pay extra money – I already have a bunch of food on-hand I can give away.

  11. Vickie
    October 1, 2012 | 3:17 pm

    I want to have a stock pile sale I’m not sure how much to ask for everything. I have all kinds of body wash shampoo soap razors shaving cream toothpaste toothbrushes lip balms lipstick makeup hair spray moose gel electric toothbrushes electric razors Ben gay benadryl cortisone cream mivea lotions gold bond lotion axe shampoo hair gel olay facial wash facial creams baby lotions creams shampoo toilet paper paper towels feminine napkins dental floss glade candles spray webcams perfumes laundry soap stain release toilet bowl cleaners lumene products I have 25 boxes of silly bands with the logo on them 12 per box I have men’s body wash is well men’s and women’s deodorant all name brand things cold medicine aspirins about 100 something vitamins this is just some of the stuff I have I’m not sure what to ask for it because some things we’re in expensive and some things came with the sales somethings were free somethings I got paid for

    • Marcia
      October 1, 2012 | 3:29 pm

      Hi Vickie,
      I’d probably price things at about 25% of their original cost at your stockpile sale. You could also post a question at RefundCents.com. There are a lot of people who hold stockpile sales to clear out their inventory of items they were able to purchase for pennies.
      Hope that helps,

  12. Vickie
    October 1, 2012 | 3:19 pm

    I give every Christmas too many families making gift baskets for the elderly I sponsor a family of 8 last year I gave away blow dryers makeup jewelry boxes toys clothing but I know I can make some extra money as well I sent my son off to college was 6 month supply of everything and 2 of his friends it seems like God keep blessing me back

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